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Boho Vibes


Fall Deals!!

Moroccan Lantern

Stunning Moroccan lanterns that give the night an eastern glow! Just beaufiful!  


Beads and Dreams

Get this beautiful thoughtful piece and attract all those positive intentions!


Goddess Weave

You know you want one. They actually do look this beautiful, so it's okay to take the plunge! We've picked something unique right here. 


Boho Persian Pillow

Beautiful Persian inspired printed pillow covers for just $6.00! Cozy up this fall with some warm colour! 


About Bohofosho

Bohofosho, pronounced "Boho faux show", is a collection of trendy boho decor and boho fashion for the home and for the streets! It's a lifestyle and a commitment to the dreamer in you. Sourced from all over the world ; limited quantities.